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Raising a child is no easy task. If you are a parent, whether you have a baby or a teen, you know how expensive and hard it is to keep up with the Jones's to make your child happy. Who doesn't want their child to have all that they want? But is giving your kid everything he wants the best answer? At we address these issues and more with insightful articles and The Parenting Tips Newsletter.

With simple planning and smart shopping, and child can have all of the things they need and many of the things they want. College seems out of reach for many families, but with simple budgeting and planning, it's not. And what child doesn't want all of the latest video games. Even on a budget, they can be found.

Here is a small list of ways to budget and save on expenses so children can have what they need and want.

Clothing: All kids want trendy, name brand clothing, but who can afford them? Well, they can be far more affordable than most people believe. Name brand and designer clothing can be found for pennies on the dollar online on sites like Ebay. They can also be found in excellent condition at most local Goodwill's and second hand or “vintage” store

Video Games And Toys: While these things aren't needs, no child wants to be left behind from the rest of their generation, and this is a video game and tech driven generation, but who can afford $300 or $400 dollars for each new gaming system, not to mention the $50 a pop that has to be spent on each new game? Just like with clothing, there are plenty of retail stores that sell used games, like GameStop, that can save 50% or more on game systems and video game titles. There are toy and gadget consignment shops and websites as well. A little bit of searching can save a good bit of money!

College Tuition: It's very difficult to rear a child to the age of 18, to watch them struggle to get decent grades and a diploma, only to realize that you can't afford the costs to send your child to a decent college. With some foresight, it can be done for less than $100 a month. There are a number of programs that allow you to pay $50-$100 a month from the time the child is born until they are ready for college, that guarantee they will cover all of your child's college related costs.